Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Incense!

Hello again!

You'll notice the bit of a gap between posts?

Well I have been busy!

There are 5 whole new incense blends awaiting your pleasure at A State of Grace.

Ritual Offering,
Dark Goddess

The new blends join Purification and Healing in the natural incense line up.

Don't forget, until August 1st you can use the code FREEINCENSE to receive 3 sample cones of incense with your State of Grace purchase. This is on top of the current sales going on at the store! (For July, every package sent out includes a sample vial of oil, and purchases over $15 are sent out with a free full 2oz bag of bath salt!)

On the teaching front I am creating a new class on Witch's Bottles! For those non-local readers, there may be an internet friendly version coming in August, along with new sales, promotions, and codes!

Keep Safe and Blessed Be,

Rosemary Grace

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